Candy Crush Cheats

Introduction to candy crush
Candy crush is a game that originated from Facebook and it was released on April 12, 2012. Originally candy was a browser based game but it made its way over to mobile smartphone devices on 12th November 2012. The game has ended as a slight variation for its successor. The creators for candy crush game are
What you need to know about candy crush.
Have you ever walked into a classroom or boarded a bus and found everyone playing candy crush? One amazing thing is that this game has massive followers right from hardcore gamer to everywhere. Well these are the a few things you need to be aware about candy crush.
The candy crush board measures 9 by 9 and is filled with several disparate candies and other sweet assortment
How to play candy crush?
Candy crush, just like other games; Bejeweled and shariki, it is avariation of a match three puzzle game. Players make random movement around the board and try to align three candies with same colors. To accomplish this, one has to swamp two separate candies either in vertical or horizontal manner.
Each puzzle features three different scores that players can attain and obtain stars from. Each episode contains a different game puzzle. Players are required to complete each puzzle by meeting set objectives and a set minimum score. When a player fails to meet either of the set goals, a life is lost. At the start of the game one sets off with five lives. When you have run out of lives you cannot continue playing until you get other live(s). Each life usually gets restored after half an hour. Alternatively you can buy a life or request one from a Facebook friend.
Candy crush levels
Since candy crush was released on April 2017, the levels have been added repeatedly. It’s reported that new ones are two added every week.
According to Tom Hopkins (July 31 2017), candy crush saga had a whooping 3175 levels in 213 episodes. For mobile apps it had 3145 levels in 211 episodes. Out of this, 251 are reality levels within 168 reality episodes on the web version (for mobile versions, 2480 reality levels within 166 reality episodes.) . Dream world levels were 665 within 45 dream world episodes.
These candy crush levels are broken down into different types as listed below: Moves – get a certain number of points from a certain number of moves Ingredients – Bring specific ingredients down from the top of the board.
Jelly-get all the jelly on the board cleared Timed – obtain a determined number of points or more within a set time limit.
Candy order – to crush a number of candies given on the dashboard in a certain number of moves
Mixed model – b a mix between two or more level types.
By adding levels regularly, it allows the player to come back ; this is why the game has remained popular for the last five years. One has to put extra efforts before they make it to the final level.
Candy crush challenges
Challenging candy crush levels: players face a big challenge in trying to win a booster. Usually one has to collect a certain number of candies of the same color from whichever level they are playing. Disappearing challenges: Some players have reported disappearance of boosters and lives from their phones.
Addiction: Its five years since now since the mobile launch, however we know of some people who haven’t stopped playing since then. The application designer and psychology experts have put in a lot so as make it so irresistible. Some players have been reported to say that; they have left their children at school stranded, ignored their homework and some have injured themselves while trying to reach new levels (E.Dockterman 2013).
Candy crush is played by 93 million people every day and it accrues about $800, 000 daily through purchase of lives and boosters that can help them coquer new levels (D.Smith April 2017). Well I hope you understand what it now means when we talk of addiction.
Candy crush cheats
Candy crush is a challenging and equally a frustrating game. It is also an addictive that millions of people are playing daily. There are times players are stuck on a particular level and so wish they could move to the next level. Candy crush cheat is the way to redeem you from the stuck level. Therefore this beats the sense that one has to spend real money to to get out of the hard or challenging levels.
The provides new tricks, cheats, tips and guides on how to beat every level of the game. Through candy crush cheat you won’t have to play the same level for weeks. The tips and cheats work well on for the Facebook, iOS and android versions of the game Candy crush saga hints is one of the ways you can easily move to the next levels. Also you can win free power ups through the daily bonuses in the web version of the game. A candy crush however shouldn’t be trusted, most a times there are better moves. so always take your time before a move.
Some of the top tricks and cheats include:
Find the pattern; there are things that will make a donut hole or special candy in less efforts. Recognize them and hit them repeatedly to allow you clear the board faster
start at the bottom; Crushing at the bottom is far much better than at the top. since candies drop down from the top, creating a potential for a cascade effect normally it gives you free moves
Make a plan; Each time you start on a new level, always look at the hardest element and execute a plan on how you are going to win before you use up all the lives. Pause between the game and analyze the game
Adjust your mobile clock; adjust your mobile clock by two hours ahead to earn extra lives.
Understand chocolate: Always try to destroy to destroy chocolate in each round, so that it doesn’t regenerate
Clearing jellies from the edges: Getting rid of jellies at edges is usually tricky. These jellies have the least number of combinations that can clear them, so take a moment to make the right moves aiming to clear the jellies
Understand your stripe; candy is usually stripped in the same direction as the final candy moved to complete the previous formation.
Go for the combs: Two best combinations are the wrapped candy vs. stripped candy, and the stripped candy vs. donut hole. Together they can wipe almost half the board and help you complete challenging levels. A wrapped candy switched with another wrapped candy will ignite a 6 by 4 square that clears a huge area.
Asses threats; prioritize in getting rid of evil candies. For instance you can kill a low number bomb followed by a chocolate and then the blocks.